Hillsborough Owlerton Local History

 With a bit of Sheffield History thrown in... 

This book can be obtained from the online publisher www.lulu.com and is priced around £7 including P&P. It is a piece of research that looks at the history of the buildings in which people live. It covers housing development for ordinary people which increased during the industrial revolution and led to home ownership for many working people. There is also a section that explores the work of one particular speculative builder who made a considerable contribution to Hillsborough's Housing development.  Another section looks at the increase in home ownership through the land society movement.

Made in Sheffield, the Story of James Dixon and Sons, Silversmiths Pauline C Bell (obtainable from the author via contact page)

Forging History, The Story of George Barnsley and Sons toolmakers and the family members who helped forge local and national history, Pauline C. Bell with Colin Barnsley. (obtainable from the author via contact page)

Solid Silver...Some Leclere Family Stories (Small Family Silversmiths) Pauline C Bell (obtainable from www.lulu.com)