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This website is intended to give anyone in the world access to information about the history of Hillsborough and Owlerton in the City of Sheffield. Essentially it covers Sheffield 6 which includes the villages of Loxley, Middlewood and Wadsley including the Don, Loxley and Rivelin Valleys.

It is a suburb with many fine old buildings. There was an explosion of activity during the industrial revolution of both housing for ordinary workers and small industrial concerns though for centuries small water-powered mills were situated along the rivers. Some of these were destroyed in the Great Flood of 1864 never to be built again.


Published 2014:

Sheffield 6, At home in Hillsborough, Loxley, Wadsley, the homes of Lords of the Manor, Industrial Barons and ordinary working people.

Pauline C Bell. Obtainable at www.lulu.com for approx. £7.50 including P&P

Next meeting of the Local History Group, (every-one welcome) is on Thursday Aug 20th, 'Sheffield Castle, Past and Present'

Speaker Ron Clayton

Meet at Hillsborough Sports Arena in Hillsborough Park at 7.45pm...free parking at Sports Arena. 

Full programme on http://www.southyorkshirethroughtime.org.uk/

Crofton Rd

... fairly typical house (except for the lions) built at beginning of twentieth century by W.J. Patchett, a local builder for his own home.

Hillsborough Hall

...once a home to some of Sheffield's industialists. Now the public library.

Loxley House

...once home to a solicitor, a doctor, children with disabilities and sea cadets. Now modern apartments.